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Welcome to our target archery section. This area is dedicated to our risers and limb sets wood-carbon, aluminium risers and wood composite recurve limbs.

We offer various conventionally inspired super  recurve profile limbs and more efficient arrow speeds

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Border Archery have been making and developing cutting edge target bows since 1940. Our bows and target limbs have taken top honours along the years in all sections of the sport, keeping the name of Border to the forefront in the competitive tournament arena.

In 1998 Border designed the XP10 carbon layer that added 70% more torsional stiffness. Through this significant advancement in limb design, Border has been exploring the design and performance benefits  and  maximising these attributes of exceptional stability smoothness and speed. This development program runs under the banner heading of High Energy eXpress HEX.

The HEX program started in 2001 and has brought continuous improvements to bow performance and continues today. We foresee the future of limb and bow geometry development continuing well into the future.

Only since 2006 have our competitors started using specific carbon layers like the XP10 to stabilize their products